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Is Peru a safe country to travel?

The way things are:

Peru is the third largest country in South America, and due to its territorial extension, presents very contrasting socioeconomic realities. Lima, the Peruvian capital, has more than 10 million inhabitants, which represents more than 30% of Peru’s total population, making it an economically dynamic, culturally diverse, unequal, and somewhat chaotic city, with a greater presence of criminal acts against property and extortion than other cities in the country. On the other hand, the Constitutional Province of Callao also has areas considered dangerous (due to extortion and hired killings) and its tourist areas such as Callao Monumental, Fortaleza del Real Felipe, and La Punta, ideal for learning about the history and culture of the First Port of Peru.

In general, the tourist districts of the city of Lima are safe for national and international travelers, so it is not so common the presence of criminal acts in these areas, but you should always be cautious when moving and take care of our belongings. At the end of the blog we leave you some recommendations.

Historic Center of Lima. Photo by Wirestock

After Lima, the main cities in the regions of La Libertad, Piura and Lambayeque have registered the highest number of criminal acts against property and other crimes, according to statistics presented by the Peruvian National Police from 2021 to 2023.

Most of the Peruvian territory, which is visited by tourists from all over the world, are very safe places. These cities and towns are far away from the big cities and maintain certain customs and ancestral values that represent the majority of Peruvians. Peruvians are friendly, respectful and very warm people, and in every corner of Peru there will always be a Peruvian willing to help you in whatever you need.

With respect to social conflicts affecting the safety and integrity of travelers, they are under control and there are no disturbances or blockades affecting free transit. It is always recommended to be updated on these events, as well as on issues related to health. Peru is currently fighting against a Dengue epidemic, which is being controlled according to the latest reports from the Ministry of Health.

Finally, as in every country in the world and especially in Latin America, crime is a reality that threatens us, and it is the duty of authorities and citizens to work together to fight it. Join the adventure and let’s discover together the magic of Peru!

Ollantaytambo – Cuzco Photo by Sara Camacho

Recommendations for your safety in Peru:

1. Do not leave your valuables unattended, and if possible carry only what is necessary for pedestrian tours.

2. Hire airport pick-up and drop-off services in advance with a formal travel agency or company for greater security.

3. Contract tourist services from authorized travel agencies.

4. Take your tours with a local guide or join a group tour.

5. Avoid visiting inaccessible, remote or desolate areas within the city.

6. Do not hire tourist services offered in the streets in an itinerant manner.

7. Contact the tourist police or a member of national/local security in case of any doubts or questions.

8. Stay updated on social and health issues within the country.


Let’s discover together the magic of Perú…

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