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Our mission

AC Viajes Perú is a travel agency led by professional women in Tourism and Hospitality, committed to responsible tourism and excellence in service. We design personalized trips and create memorable experiences for the traveler, the host community and the destination. We also consider ourselves friendly hosts of our country, promoting the natural and cultural diversity of Peru.

Let’s discover together the magic of Peru!

Our vision

Being a nationally recognized tourism operator for its excellence in service and commitment to responsible, accessible and inclusive tourism; creating value for the traveler, its collaborators and the destination.


Our philosophy is reflected in our slogan “Creadores de experiencias memorables”, through our mission, vision and values ​​we seek to motivate and inspire the entire organization to generate memorable experiences for the traveler, the host community and the destination.


Empathy, honesty, respect, responsibility, teamwork, commitment, kindness, trust, and passion for what we do.


Our passion for travel and our profession has allowed us to know many beautiful places in our country, especially the southern, central and eastern part. During these trips we have learned more about the history, culture and diversity that make Peru a country more than unique. In addition, we made many friends between guides, drivers, operators, local people, etc. Since 2016, we have been organizing trips and excursions for seniors at the Santa Anita Senior Center, which allowed us to learn about the importance of designing tourist experiences according to the needs and preferences of each traveler.

This story was started by two Peruvian professionals in Tourism and Hospitality, who share a passion for travel and a vocation for service. After having traveled as clients, and worked in travel agencies, we realized that most companies do not take real importance to responsible tourism and the tourist’s travel experience. Thus, during a friends’ outing in December 2019, we talked about starting an entrepreneurship that we are both passionate about, so we decided to start with AC Viajes Peru, a travel agency that is characterized by designing personalized trips and by its commitment to responsible tourism and excellence in service.

We want to accompany the tourists throughout their travel experience, and promote the natural and cultural wonders of our country, showing its essence and authenticity. In addition to making travelers aware of the importance and benefits of responsible tourism.

We know that nobody and nothing is perfect, so we will always be improving in order to offer you the best possible travel experience, that is why we are willing to listen to your opinions and recommendations. Come and discover the magic of Peru and let’s write together this story that is just beginning!


Responsible tourism

Our Commitment:

AC Viajes Peru considers it vitally important that travelers be aware of the impacts generated during their trips, and know how to reduce or avoid them. For this reason, we are committed to transmitting to the traveler the importance of responsible tourism and promoting responsible travel habits. In addition to working with strategic and commercial partners who also share this commitment.

Last but not least, we are committed to supporting local initiatives of tourist destinations and civil associations, which aim to reduce the negative impacts of tourist activity and promote local and sustainable development.

Check the Responsible Traveler Commitment.

Let’s discover together the magic of Perú…

Countless paths to travel and magical places to discover. Do not miss the news we have for you about our trips and destinations. 😉